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Victor Constant Ski Slope @ The U.S. Military Academy - West Point, NY

February 6, 2005: I met Anthony, a cadet at West Point at a race at Windham Mtn. in NY, and he invited me to check out their little slope at the U.S.M.A., where they had a small terrain park with four rails and a little kicker jump at the bottom of the hill (This is a private area, where you must be active duty or retired military personnel; Reserves or National Guard personnel; a cadet at West Point; a D.O.D. employee; or family of or a guest of one of the previous).

A Little History

The Victor Constant Ski Slope opened in 1939 with one trail, "Holman Run," cut down the hill. A rope tow built from salvaged vehicles was installed in 1940. The present name for this hill is in memory of Captain S. Victor Constant, a ski racer and Dept. of MA & E instructor who was instrumental in the development of skiing and the ski area at West Point, including the area's expansion in 1945 with labor provided by prisoners of war. In 1959, due to lack of snow and interest, the ski area was nearly closed, but that proposal was rejected. Snowmaking, a new ski jump, a separate beginner area, and a T-Bar came in 1962. Today, the present chairlift is a good ol' triple chair. (SOURCE: History of Skiing at West Point, compiled by Lt. Colonel Oren E. Moffett, May 1962)

View of the Hudson River, West Point, and the Victor Constant Ski Slope from Route 9W.
The Park at Victor Constant Ski Slope
Anthony Slides!
This is the booter at West Point...not all that big maybe, but check out this WMV video to see just how gnarly the cadets get at the USMA!

Click this picture for some current info about the Victor Constant Ski Slope at West Point, NY


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