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Woodland Skatepark - Lexington, KY
Pics & Review by The Chraveler - Submit your park here!
Nice outdoor concrete park that's free and requires no pads, with lights until 11 PM. I especially like the ditch mini- a 12ft wide mini ramp with ditch-like corners and banks on the sides (below)
The kiddie bowl (below) has a nice little hip, but the rest of it is way too mellow
There are many nice street elements to this park such as hips, flatbanks, ledges and dropoffs. Lexington is worth a stop on your way to the new skateboard mecca known as Louisville.
DIRECTIONS: Take exit 113 off of I-64, and head towards Paris/Lexington for a half mile. Turn right onto US 68W, and go 3.5 miles to Maxwell St. Go 1 mile on Maxwell, and turn sharp left onto East High street. This skatepark is in Woodland Park (I recommend getting yourself a map of Lexington at Triple A)

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